Profile PictureEco-Gifts for Kids !!!

'Eco-Knowledge' as Gifts for 4 to 6 years old.

Eco-Gifts for Kids !!!
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Make eco-learning process

interesting for kids  - humanities future environmentalist educators.


  • 10 Videos,
  • 5 e-Books Videos,
  • 5 Audiobooks
  • 5 Printable e-Books
  • Keepsake Certificates for Kids

       4 designs, 3 titles each design,

       5 colors for each title.

  • Parent/Guardian/Adult Certificates

       5 designs, 5 different colors.

       For table-top use or wall mounted

       if framed.

  • Alphabets & Vocabulary

    Coloring Books

  • Numbers & Vocabulary

    Coloring Books

  • Optional Personalized

     Free Souvenir! 

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Use as a paper weight, table top use, wall décor or as a gift.

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A precious item from the person who gave it.
and a memento in time who receives it.

To use or to gift.

For all reasons, occasions, celebrations and seasons!

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Investing on your child’s eco-education will cost 0.10 ¢ a day for 1 year.

Check it out as it could be lesser.

Keep kids safe at home. Invest now on eco-education while they are young.

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A precious item from the person who gave it and a memento in time who receives it. Gift it to yourself or gift it to others!

10 eco-videos for kids ages 4-6 yrs old
5 eco-eBooks Videos for kids 4-6 yrs old
5 eco-AudioBooks for kids 4-6 yrs old
Alphabets-Vocabulary Coloring Books
Numbers-Vocabulary Coloring Books
5 Printable e-Books for ages 4-6 yrs.old
Optional Personalized Souvenir!

'Eco-Knowledge' as Gifts for 4 to 6 years old.

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