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      Take a journey to a non-hierarchical, self-paced, self-learned and self-managed eco-activities and starting with virtual eco-education for kids 4-6/7-11 years.

      Presenting our collectable specially designed certificates for kids - a keepsake to hold dear forever;)

      Inclusive of eco-educational learning kits consisting of:

      10 videos, 5 ebooks videos, 5 audiobooks, 5 printable ebooks,

      printable alphabets and vocabulary coloring book,

      printable numbers and vocabulary coloring book and

      "5 specially designed certificate of recognition" for parents, adult and guardian who has been a part of initiating the eco-learning of the young minds at home.

      Keep kids safe at home through online eco-education!

      Available in 10 languages for ages 4-6 and 7-11 years old.

      Please promote and share our products ;)

      Buy it for yourself or gift it to others !